English version

A Royal Conspiracy

A startling novel about the staged car accident and mysterious disappearance of Princess Diana


Chapters 1-9:
London, 1992. Dodi Fayed meets the Primeand Henri Paul. Under a heavy cloak of secrecy, ‘Mission Escape’ is born.

Chapters 10-17:
Diana and Charles travel separately towith her children during their mid-term break. Diana’s father passes away, with Mohammed Al-Fayed, a lifelong friend, at his bedside. Diana forbids Charles from attending the funeral.

Chapters 18-23:
An increasingly desperate Diana visits as Diana in front of his mother. She is devastated. Andrew Morton’s book Diana: Her true story is published. Diana regrets giving it her blessing. A disastrous state visit to Korea follows, after which Diana insists that she and Charles formally separate. A terrible fire ravages Windsor Castle. The separation of the Prince and Princess of Wales is officially announced in the House of Commons.